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About Us

Generational Changes Inc. is a treatment program that provides therapeutic counseling and dependency treatment services for youth, adults and families. Generational Changes seeks to change, prevent, detect, and eliminate barriers that impede on progress.


Generational Changes has a mission to provide treatment, intervention and prevention programs to adolescents and adults seeking counseling and recovery. Our services are designed to guide families toward change, independence, self efficiency and productivity. Our goal is to stabilize the lives of families by providing therapeutic counseling, treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, and mentoring in order to affect future generations.


Generational Changes will be a leader in providing therapy and treatment to youth, adults and families in our communities. Our objective is to offer a holistic approach that includes, mental health promotion, early intervention, treatment and self awareness. Generational Changes shall attend to the whole person in order to benefit adolescents and adults to become productive, motivated, and self reliant.


Generational Changes philosophy fosters the well being and health of the whole individual by offering a holistic approach to therapy and treatment services. Our agency believes full recovery can be reached through intensive group therapeutic treatment along with “wrap around” referral services such as education, employment, housing, and social reorganization. Our commitment to curing, reducing and preventing substance abuse will promote prosperous families by affecting generational change in our society.

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